Is Jungle Float a … BOAT?

Jungle Float is new, it is different and revolutionary. 

Fact 1: Jungle Float has been inspected by the United States Coast Guard and is listed as an approved boat manufacturer. 

Fact 2: Jungle Float has a HIN number,  just like any other boat. 

Fact 3: Jungle Float is registered just like any other boats. 

Fact 4: Jungle Float was not designed to move with customers on-board. 

Fact 5: Jungle Float has no plans to be a “vessel under way” with passengers. 

Fact 6: Jungle Float is designed to be placed in 4 meters of water (or deeper), anchored or moored and then people enjoy its attractions. 

Fact 7: Jungle Float can operate 6 meters from a dock, shoreline or swim area… stationary! 

Fact 8: Jungle Float can operate without an engine by towing or posing it into place. The engine is never “on” with customers on board. 

These facts illustrate that Jungle Float is not necessarily a boat as it doesn’t take passengers from A to B, but it can operate close to a dock and people enjoy the attractions as it floats still in the water. 

Booking Jungle Float

Jungle Float now offers bookings for groups up to 10 people, groups up to 20 people and the exclusive hire, which is groups up to 40 people. 

There are 3 sessions of 2 hours each day.

1. Morning: 10am to 12pm
2. Midday: 12:30pm to 2:30pm
3. Afternoon: 3pm to 5pm

To book Jungle Float there are 3 easy steps

1. Go to the booking page at, then select your preferred date and click the ‘Book Now’ button for your preferred session time (morning, midday or afternoon). 

2. Enter the number of people for your group in the ‘Number of People in Group’ box and select ‘Continue.’

Step 3: Enter your personal details, select ‘Continue’ and enter your payment details as requested to complete the booking.

If there are any problems, you can always contact us to help you through. 

Be the first to experience this unique attraction! 

What is Jungle Float?

Jungle Float is the ONLY waterpark on Sydney Harbour. It is a revolutionary, award winning floating waterpark with 6 attractions: one slide, two trampolines, one high jump, one medium jump and a rope swing. 

Jungle Slide
Starting from the 12 foot platform, jet down the slide to ultimately be thrown across the water. 

Monkey Bounce
Located on the same staircase as the Monkey Jump. You can jump on the smaller trampoline that ejects you out above the water at heights of more than 8 feet. 

Gorilla Bounce
Leap from a 12 foot platform down to an Olympic grade trampoline, which will launch you as high as 20 feet above water. 

Monkey Jump
The Monkey Jump is the shortest staircase leading you to a 6 foot platform allowing you to leap 7 feet to the water. 

Gorilla Jump
The high dive. It is a tall leap from a 12 foot platform which allows you to fall with no restraints out into the wind to a full 14 foot drop to the water. 

Tarzan Swing
From a 6 foot platform, you can either use the rope swing or switch out for the military-grade poly cargo net to climb and ring the bell. 



We are excited our website is now live and we are operational from the Easter Long Weekend! The dream to bring more fun to our clean, calm and beautiful harbour now starts, and we look forward to having you onboard. 

The Jungle Float is the ONLY waterpark on Sydney Harbour. This boat is very unique and was developed in the USA, is 11m long and 3m wide and can comfortably accomodate a group of up to 40 people.

It has 6 attractions: one slide, two trampolines, one high jump, one medium jump and a rope swing. There is something to suit all ages and preferences. It also has a wide platform that creates a very stable base to ensure all guests feel secure and steady on their feet – the design team over engineered the structure to ensure the highest level of safety! 

After a successful peek at Manly Beach on Australia Day, we are now available 7 days a week, with 3 sessions a day (10am to 12pm, 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 3pm to 5pm). 

Be the first to experience this unique attraction. We are taking bookings for exclusive sessions, with up to 40 friends… let’s make your party memorable!

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