Is Jungle Float a … BOAT?

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Jungle Float is new, it is different and revolutionary. 

Fact 1: Jungle Float has been inspected by the United States Coast Guard and is listed as an approved boat manufacturer. 

Fact 2: Jungle Float has a HIN number,  just like any other boat. 

Fact 3: Jungle Float is registered just like any other boats. 

Fact 4: Jungle Float was not designed to move with customers on-board. 

Fact 5: Jungle Float has no plans to be a “vessel under way” with passengers. 

Fact 6: Jungle Float is designed to be placed in 4 meters of water (or deeper), anchored or moored and then people enjoy its attractions. 

Fact 7: Jungle Float can operate 6 meters from a dock, shoreline or swim area… stationary! 

Fact 8: Jungle Float can operate without an engine by towing or posing it into place. The engine is never “on” with customers on board. 

These facts illustrate that Jungle Float is not necessarily a boat as it doesn’t take passengers from A to B, but it can operate close to a dock and people enjoy the attractions as it floats still in the water. 

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